Become an Expert

For this initiative to work we need the goodwill of our members to take part and take a chance that it will be a positive experience for everyone.  We are not expecting that experts will give up huge amounts of their time for free and that is why we will manage the process from our end to ensure you are not inundated with enquiries at any time.

We’ll work with you to establish how you want to support the programme and make sure that you have access to a senior member of the CEA central team at all times if you have any concerns.  The idea is that with the pioneering goodwill of some initial experts, the proliferation of those willing to get involved will grow quickly therefore creating a symbiotic relationship throughout the association.  We don’t expect this initiative to thrive only from the goodwill of our membership either, we genuinely believe that it will generate a multitude of commercial opportunities for our experts and the companies that they work for, through the retrieval of relevant content via search engine results to the promotion of you and your business as a highly credible source of expertise in the field.

If you are interested in being a pioneer in the Academy of Experts, please fill in the form below and submit it and one of the team will contact you to run through the project in more detail and what we need to get you set up on the site.