Alain Grangeret

Forename:    Alain

Surname:      Grangeret

Company:     AG Gas London

Position:       Owner

Field(s) of Expertise:          My expertise is in the conception, commissioning and modification of industrial burners using gas, oil, mix-fuel and oxy-fuel with an emphasis on the environmental and energy issues.  I deliver consultancy and hands on work for the glass industry as well as operating as a Gas Safe Engineer in London.

Relevant Experience:         I have a solid background in technically challenging engineering processes within glass, steel and mineral industries.  With over twenty years work experience, I have participated from the design stage to the point of commissioning.

Profile/About You:             A Chartered Energy Engineer since June 2000, with relevant degrees gained in France and England.  I am fluent in both languages and have frequently produced technical documentation in English and French.

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