Alastair Nicol

Forename:    Alastair

Surname:      Nicol

Company:     Element Consultants Ltd

Position:       Director

Field(s) of Expertise: My expertise is Biomass explosion, Biomass and chimney fire, Drying and Biomass drying, Fuel Storage & Health and safety evaluation and training.

Relevant Experience: I am an Energy Engineer with over 25 years experience, of engineering design and development. This experience includes writing, lecturing and presenting extensively for numerous Institutions, Industry associations, and Government on subjects ranging from combustion to cooling technologies.Specialising in heat generation and transfer technologies, particularly biomass, he is responsible for some notable UK biomass and EfW projects. Well known and recognised within the Energy Industry and often consulted in respect of design or operational difficulties encountered in these technologies. This experience includes responsibility for the feasibility study, conceptual design, detailed design, specification and project management of a wide range of heat generation and transfer technologies including Waste to energy plant design and whole-project development/specification including EIA and IPPC technical development.· Combined heat and power projects including co-generation and waste to energy design elements. Community/district energy project development.· Furnace/incineration, cremation plant including heat recovery and emission control works – conceptual design, tender, contract supervision, research and preparation of all statutory documentation.· Boiler house and steam distribution performance evaluation. Boiler sizing, detailed heat loss analysis and plant specification. Investigation and the assembly of expert evidence in contemplation of legal proceedings. Notwithstanding, he is most comfortable applying his knowledge practically, solving where possible, design and operational difficulty for the smallest client to some of the largest global companies

Profile/about you: I am an ESOS Lead Assessor and a council member of the Combustion Engineering Association and the Energy Institute, I regularly lecture on Biomass and related topics including Health & Safety.

I have written the Biomass Guide for Invest NI.


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