Kim Stopher

Forename:      Kim

Surname:        Stopher

Company:       Stopher Associates Ltd

Position:         Director

Field(s) of Expertise:         Steam boiler plant, in particular horizontal shell-type boilers and small vertical boilers; Cremation plant; Flue gas abatement systems for cremators and incinerators

Relevant Experience:        30 years experience in the field of steam boilers. 10 years experience in cremation plant

Profile/About You:            Kim’s life in steam began when he joined the Technical Sales department of Gestra (UK) Ltd in 1985.  Having held various positions with that company, he joined Fulton Boilers in 1999 as a Regional Sales Engineer. In2006 he became UK Director of the German cremator manufacturer, IFZW. He left IFZW in 2011 to establish Stopher Associates Ltd, to provide technical consultancy on the specialised areas of steam boiler plant, steam systems, and cremation plant.

Whilst Chairman of the CEA during 2002-2005, he was responsible for creating the BOAS (Boiler Operative Accreditation Scheme) and was Chairman of the CEA’s Training Committee during the inception of BOAS. He is now a CEA-approved BAOS Trainer, as well as being a CEA-approved BOAS Assessor. He hold CITB accreditation in Steam Utilisation and Boilerhouse Management.

Kim is also an accredited technical consultant to the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Managers.

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