Michael Casey

Forename:      Michael

Surname:        Casey

Postnominals: BSc (Hons) MIWSoc CSci CChem FRSC

Company:       Deep Water Blue Limited

Position:         Director

Field(s) of Expertise: Water Treatment; Manufacturing; People Development; Regulation, Health and Safety; Science, Engineering and Technology; Strategy and Policy

 Relevant Experience: I have almost 30 years’ experience in commercial and industrial water treatment, providing consulting expertise in all aspects of commercial and industrial water treatment.

I supply both liquid and solid chemical products for the treatment of cooling towers, evaporative condensers, steam boilers, steam generators, heating and chilled water systems.

My expertise includes provision of consultancy services for all aspects of cooling and steam generation, including Legionnaires’ Disease consultancy works.

I design and specify, then build and supply, water treatment equipment such as water softeners, reverse osmosis units and specialist bespoke water treatment systems for any application.

I have extensive experience in the specification and provision of disinfection and risk assessment services for water hygiene applications.

I specify and provide specialist chemical cleaning and disinfection works to water systems.

I have wide ranging experience in the provision of specialist consultancy for steam applications, especially coil style steam generators, including where plant failure has occurred and investigative works are required.

I design and offer training courses in all aspects of industrial and commercial water treatment including cooling water, steam boilers, water hygiene and control of legionellosis, from operator up to Duty Holder competency levels

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