Sam Thiara

Forename:   Sam

Surname:      Thiara (BEng), (MEng)

Company:     Emerson Process Management Ltd

Position:       Global Industrial Energy Business Development Manager

Field(s) of Expertise:          I specialise in the design of Control & Automation solutions for Single and Multi Fuel Combustion Control, Burner Management Systems, Industrial Energy Management Systems and Energy Monitoring & Reporting Solutions.

Relevant Experience:         I lead an international team of senior engineers and consultants in industrial boiler control, safety and energy efficiency. We deliver technical consulting, design and implementation of automation based solutions for projects and assignments in the UK and international markets.

Profile/About You:             I have 30+ years in the service, support, implementation and sales of automation systems and solutions for energy saving applications across all major industrial sectors.

Over the last 8 years I have specialised in energy efficiency solutions for industrial applications focused on combustion fired equipment


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