How the Combustion Experts Academy Works

Become an Expert

The whole initiative rests on the principle that people are willing to give their time to help fellow industry professionals.  As our membership grows there will be more and more people wishing to access the pool of experts that we have, and unless that pool of experts grows, it will become pretty difficult to keep up with demand.  If there are more experts that are signed up, that means that there is more opportunity for people to access information, and the speed in which it can be delivered shortened.  As the pool grows it will be come a self perpetuating success, so why not consider giving some of your knowledge back to the community to help make the entire initiative become the success that it could be.  Don’t forget that it is an exceptional way for you to showcase your skills to a potential buyers market, and based on some introductory advice there is the chance that it may lead to paid work for you and your business.  If you are worried about the ramifications that may lead from giving advice to a third party, talk to us as you are covered by the professional indemnity policy of the CEA.

Be Reasonable

When our experts sign up, they kindly agree to support the programme on ‘reasonable terms’ which we will try and explain here, however we merely ask that you treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.  Some issues are very quick to resolve and therefore our experts will be happy to assist, for instance you may want some advice on a particular item that is being procured and an expert in that area can give you some quality insight into the pros and cons of what is on the market.  You may have a problem with a piece of machinery that when explained, an expert can give you a simple fix on, or you may wish to get some insight into the key players in the Middle East market that an expert has lots of experience in.  These are all fairly straightforward and can be resolved with a series of e-mails or some short phone calls.  The expert is happy to extend this level of commitment to you and you receive some high quality advice and guidance at no cost, simply for being a member of the CEA.  Alternatively there may be some issues which require much more research, a greater need for information which may involve a lengthy on-site visit or a more detailed overview of the skills available within the business. We would expect an expert here to advise on how to get this information and indicate what the likely cost would be, however we would not expect an expert to ‘do’ this work.  It may well be that the expert is able to complete the work for a fee and that would be an entirely reasonable conversation to have at this point.  Our suggested time that an expert would be expected to spend on any issue in its entirety would be an hour, and while we endorse that our experts are able to promote their services at commercial rates, we would also assume that they would deliver some information and support to you initially, at no charge.  If you are unsure about how we see the Academy of Experts working then please refer to our Code of Conduct.

Work with the Expert

Once an expert has indicated that they can assist with your issue, an introduction will be made through the CEA between you and your chosen individual.  From this point on the contact can be anyway that you both agree on is suitable, telephone, e-mail, Skype, or a physical visit.  The relationship is now to be fostered between you both.  Even if you have worked with an expert before, we would kindly request that each new request is put through the Academy of Experts site – this way we can uphold our promise to manage the traffic to our experts and also log the volume and success of the initiative.

Make an Enquiry

Once you’ve established who you wish to work with, just go to the ‘Make an Enquiry’ form which can be found at the bottom of every page, fill in your details and paste in the text outlining the  problem that you have, select the expert you wish to work with from the drop down list and hit submit.  That enquiry will go through to the CEA head office and they will contact the expert on your account in the first instance.  An introduction will be made and from there you can communicate directly with the expert of your choice.  We ask that no direct contact is made to the expert in the first instance as there is the need to verify members and manage the flow of traffic to our kind supporters to make sure there is a process that works for everyone.

Identify an Expert

We have a range of experts as part of the initiative but launched in February 2016 it is still very new, so our list of experts is growing every month.  The way we have set up the system is that you can search for an expert by their name (as you may have been told of their skill-set), you can search by a category – for instance biomass, you can search by skill area, which may be something like mechanical engineering or if you can’t find what you’re looking for that way, just type in what you’re looking for in the search box and hit enter.  A list of any experts matching your search terms will appear so you can browse through and find the best match for your problem.

Become a Member

The Academy of Experts, powered by the CEA, is an initiative to allow members to get even more from their CEA membership.  We have a huge range of individuals who are all highly skilled and experienced in areas of composition engineering, who could support other members with gaps in their knowledge.  By sharing knowledge amongst our members we can ensure that all of the organisations we represent can become more efficient, safer and access a greater pool of expertise ultimately leading to us all becoming more successful.  So how does it work?  Well the first thing that you need to do is become a member of the CEA to access the Academy of Experts.  It is important that the initiative is for the benefit of members and that is why we ask you to join the association first, as we wish to foster a community of support and your membership fees allow us to do that in many ways, the Academy of Experts being just one.

Identify an Issue

When you establish that you have an issue that you can’t remedy in house, it may be time to cast the net a little wider amongst the wider membership. It might well be a small issue that requires a few minutes on the phone or a couple of e-mails to sort out or it may be a more detailed problem, however once you have established what the problem is you need to set it out in writing in a clear and concise way so that the expert that will be assisting can understand it clearly at the first time of asking.