What are the Benefits?

Add it to your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) achievements

It is important that every business in some way, shape or form is able to give something back in the form  of their social responsibility.  We believe that when supporting other engineers with issues at no cost to them it should be considered as giving something back to a community you are deeply invested in.  We feel that as part of the Academy of Experts you should be proud to display the logo on your website and other marketing material and claim the work you do with the CEA as a CSR objective delivered for a greater good.

Upskill a generation

It is no secret that the engineering workforce in the UK is diminishing at an alarming rate and that the next generation do not currently posses the pool of skills that this great industry is built upon.  they are smart and eager though and the Academy of Experts offers a great way to impart the knowledge bank that our membership has built up over many, many years to younger, hungry minds.  We have a duty to keep the industry alive and kicking and eventually to grow it again so that high value engineering continues to form a major part of the UK economy, the Academy of Experts gives a structured way for you to achieve this aim and give back to the sector that you love.

Giving back to our community

The CEA is a not for profit organisation and therefore we do not generate profits for shareholders from the goodwill of our experts.  What we are trying to do with the initiative however is create something unique that makes the association a ‘must be in’ organisation for all of the companies in this sector.  By increasing the membership in this way we generate more income that we can pour into better service and a greater range of benefits for our members.  This will make us stronger, larger and a more powerful voice for the industry as a whole.

Enhance the membership of the CEA

This initiative is designed to promote and position the CEA as the number one combustion engineering organisation in the world (yes you heard that correctly) and what better way to show that than to showcase the sheer range of expertise that we have at our disposal.  Interestingly we believe that based on the content that each expert will be creating, we will have a great search ranking on Google and therefore we expect non members to find the site when searching for their own solutions.  This opens up a new market to us, showing the depth of credible members that we have which generates a very real commercial opportunity for the members of the CEA.

It can form part of a training programme

Asking junior members of your organisation to be experts can be a great way for them to develop their skills by solving problems that they may not ordinarily experience within the workplace.  By other members posing new and interesting challenges, they can work through them to a point that they are able and then look for support from line managers and mentors within the business, essentially using real scenarios to train the younger generation in critical thinking and problem solving while giving them the confidence to liaise with other engineers and the satisfaction that what they are doing is real and not a role play.

Showcase your skills and knowledge

There is no better way to show your commercial worth than by promoting the depth of knowledge and level of skill that you have in a specific area.  Not only does it promote your abilities as an individual, it shows the strength of personnel that your company has at its disposal, of which there can be no better marketing or promotion.  Great company driven by highly knowledgable and capable staff.

Access to a huge pool of expertise

There are occasions where you are simply stuck and don’t know what to do with a particular issue.  It may be slowing down a wider project or simply holding you up, however in this day and age, time is money.  The ability to throw an issue out to someone who you have a very strong indication can help you and get a response is an invaluable tool.  You may have a longer term issue that doesn’t require an immediate ‘solution’ but advice on a measured approach to make the right decisions.  The ability to tap the resources that exist throughout the CEA can help to ensure that those good decisions are made from the start, delivering efficiencies and reducing the chances of costly mistakes.