Work with an Expert

This is the section where we would ask you to fill out a simple form to request the support of an expert that is on our registered list.  The reason that we need you to use the form below for all initial enquiries is for two reasons.  The first is that our experts have kindly agreed to be part of the initiative so long as it is a managed process, you can appreciate that if there are a host of e-mails or calls without some order, it becomes very difficult for the expert to manage this alongside their day jobs.  The second reason is so we can monitor the success of the programme and identify some of the data flowing through, for instance which types of problems are most commonly brought up and which types of skill are most commonly requested – that way we can be proactive in approaching new experts that meet the demand of the membership increasing the pool of resource and therefore making the process quicker and more efficient.

The form is pretty straight forward however if you are not sure which expert you wish to work with, just select the first option which is ‘No Expert / Unsure’ and we’ll see if we can match you up with the best option.  The important bit is to give as much information as possible in the general information box so that an expert (or us if we need to help you find one) has all of the information to make the best decision so that no ones precious time is wasted.  You can send attachments to if required but at this initial matching stage the less documentation that is to be read through, the easier it will be to get an expert with you quickly.