About the CEA

Who we are

The CEA is a registered educational charity that aims to improve the understanding and development of the combustion industry.

Formed in 1933 to promote the science and best practice of combustion and engineering, our heritage and reputation goes back over 80 years.

Our history

The charity was formed at a time when the UK was experiencing severe shortages of coal, our main fuel. Any waste of fuel then, meant not only higher costs, but was also a serious threat to industrial output.

The CEA was created to help push the need for efficiency and better use of fuel for combustion and our vision remains the same today.

What we do

With a long history of promoting efficiency in the utilisation of all types of fuel, we proudly continue this ethos in the 21st Century.

Through education, representation, promotion and specialist advice, we continue our aim to promote the science of combustion engineering and to encourage best practice.

Our members include but are not limited to, major fuel and energy producers in Oil, Gas, Biomass and Coal, makers and suppliers of combustion engineering equipment and academic institutions concerned with the combustion engineering process. We have a unique membership in that ‘end user’ companies are also included.

CEA is a Registered Charity No. 253608

Contact Details

Tel:  01740 625538
Email: info@cea.org.uk


NETPark, Thomas Wright Way, Sedgefield, County Durham, TS21 3FD

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