Membership of the CEA carries a whole raft of benefits to you and your business in these challenging times.  By becoming part of our organisation your company can keep abreast of industry developments and join a network of like-minded individuals who are keen to grow their market share, influence new policy which might harm growth and ensure we collectively maintain a safe industry to work within.

Why become a member of the CEA?

You will join an influential and supportive network made up of people working with or within the combustion engineering sector and gain access to a wide and varied selection of benefits.

All members also receive expert advice and assistance on many subjects related to industrial and commercial combustion processes and practices.

Who works with CEA members?

Manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and end users in the UK combustion engineering industry, including Government and Government agencies.

What are the benefits of being a member?

Membership benefits are numerous and include:


  • Access to our industry specific events and functions
  • Notification of events run by parallel organisations on related topics
  • Lectures and awards


* Training and assessment

  • Qualifications
  • Technical assistance, developments and research 

* Technical groups 

  • Research projects
  • Industrial visits

Marketing and PR

  • Marketing opportunities - we seek and provide business or promotional opportunities to and for our members 
  • Public relations - we provide press releases to the media on behalf of our members and the industry to gain press exposure where appropriate 


  • Access to technical and advisory industry guides and best practice booklets 
  • Member publications including our annual member yearbook and listing

Professional Representation

  • Standards and legislation
  • Discussions with UK and European Government / Departments on industry related issues and matters
  • Consultation, regular liaison and recognition with UK bodies on all aspects of the industry
  • Cooperation with similar associations and trading bodies on joint working practices

Information Exchange

  • Responses to UK member and all non-member business enquiries by matchmaking wherever possible to members 
  • Point of contact for all market entrants or general organisations seeking industry information
  • Focal information point for industry news and opinions
  • Directory of member companies / manufacturers
  • Access to databanks of knowledge, companies and individuals
  • Quick, easy access to news and views via our website

Association Services

  • Social calendar

Why become a member?

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