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BOAS Boiler Operation Accreditation Scheme

The Boiler Operation (And Manager) National Qualification has been devised in consultation with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the insurance industry, manufacturers of boilers, burners and associated equipment, and employers, with the practical support of The Carbon Trust.

Recognised by industry, insurers and HSE, the scheme provides a comprehensive qualification for operators and managers of industrial and commercial boiler plant.


I-GAS Industrial Gas Accreditation Scheme

The CEA’s Industrial Gas Operations Accreditation Scheme (I-GAS) qualification has been devised in collaboration with industrial gas training providers, manufacturers of combustion equipment, and employers.  It is the only formal training and accreditation scheme currently available that is specifically designed for maintenance staff and technicians working with gas in industrial premises.

 Guidance to Regulation 3 of the ‘Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998’ (GSIUR) states:

 “Gas work for those working at premises that fall outside the scope of the Regulations should only be undertaken by a person who has successfully completed an appropriate full training course followed by assessment of competence”.


Steam Boiler Water Treatment 

95% of significant or catastrophic failures in steam boilers can be traced back to poor or inadequate management of the water used to make the steam. 

Under PUWER, all employees required to use equipment at work must be trained and competent to do so (PSSR clause 144).  This will therefore extend to their training and competence to operate and manage feed water treatment plant for steam boilers.

The Steam Boiler Water Treatment scheme has been designed based on legislation and best practices applicable within the UK. BG04 Boiler Water Treatment Guide - Published in 2016 rapidly become the industry standard ‘best practice’ guidance on the subject, and this training course addresses the key elements of the guidance and the effective management of steam boiler water treatment

Steam Boiler Water Treatment 

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