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Boiler Operation (And Manager) National Qualification

Devised in consultation with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the insurance industry, manufacturers of boilers, burners and associated equipment, and employers, with the practical support of The Carbon Trust.

The CEA has devised a scheme recognised by industry, insurers and HSE, which provides a comprehensive qualification for operators and managers of industrial and commercial boiler plant.

Since the demise of the former City & Guilds boiler operative qualification, there has been no nationally-recognised qualification. The CEA seeks to fill that gap.

The syllabus has been devised in consultation with HSE, the insurers, trainers and employers. It is based on the former City & Guilds syllabus, but updated and expanded to include, not only safe operation, but energy efficiency, environmental control, and the latest developments in automatic and remote control.

The qualification can be obtained in two alternative ways:

  1. By attendance on an approved training course.
  2. By application for assessment for those who can demonstrate 
    sufficient experience.

In cases where a candidate attends an approved training course, the assessment will be carried out within the course. Where the experienced candidate just applies for assessment, he will be required to attend a one-day assessment course, which will include oral and written processes.

The qualification is available in various categories as follows:

  1. Hot water boilers
  2. Steam boilers without steam raising in tubes (<15 barg)
  3. Steam boilers with steam raising in tubes (<32 barg and <200 tonnes/hr)

Assessment at the higher category does not offer a presumption of competence at a lower category.


Successful candidates will be eligible to use the designation ‘Certified Industrial Boiler Operation’ (Cert.IBO). Or in the case of a manager "Diploma in Industrial Boiler Operations Management" (Dip.BOM) 


To make an application please fill out a training submission form once the submission form has been received the CEA will send out the relevant documents.

National Register

A register will be kept by the CEA and information held can be available on request by a prospective employer. This will enable that employer to authenticate the individuals qualification.

Certificate of Assesment

Each successful candidate will receive a certificate and ID card, which will indicate his competence to operate the category of plant specified. This qualification will remain valid for a period of five years before re-testing is required. It is stressed that the assessment is an individual one of competence and not a corporate measure of compliance.

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