Medium Combustion Plant Directive News

Now that the recent election is over Defra are able to re-engage with Stakeholders on current projects, the most pressing being MCPD.

A number of matters have arisen over the last few weeks:


The Government’s consultation on the implementation of the MCPD ran between 16 November 2016 and 8 February 2017, and the results were published at the end of June.

Of the 112 responses received, the largest number of responses were from the Energy sector, followed by Industry, Local Authorities and Regulators.

Implementation Summary

MCP Timetable


One clearly overriding factor in these discussions is the scope and importance of Air Quality Management Areas.  The Directive (Art 6:9) allows the Regulator to impose stricter controls on emissions for AQMA and it is likely with current public pressure and interest that this will be done.

EA Guidance

NOTE – this is a short form of the document discussed at the stakeholder working group and further detail (especially for diesel generator rules) is available on request to the CEA.

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