How To Make Your Steam Work For You

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This new two-day conference covers many aspects of steam system design, safety, efficiency, technical risk assessment, and the legal compliance that delegates have asked for. Day 2 is covering some of these topics in more depth hence there are work streams you can sign up for.

Following the previous series of CEA conference workshops based on BG01 first edition and the Technical Boilerhouse Risk Assessment, this conference is aimed at answering many of the issues raised during discussions with delegates and speakers alike.

We also know that it’s generally not the design of the boiler or the method and quality of manufacture that cause the accident. It is however generally down to the management of a system or the way in which it has been operated.

We all know that the worst-case scenario is that a boiler blows up and people are killed or seriously injured, we will show what happens when it does. Listen to an actual case study on a Death in Service where an employee was killed and the subsequent prosecution by HSE that followed – Could this be you?.

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How To Make Your Steam Work For You
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