SAACKE Boilerhouse Log Book

This log book has been designed for use with a typical steam shell boiler installation with modern controls and equipment. The day per page layout of this log book is to be filled in with the information listed in the tables as applicable and any other information that the trained boiler operator feels is necessary to record in addition to any other noteworthy observations, faults and incidents.

SAACKE Logbook

HSE Guidance note BG01 lists information on record keeping in section 8 (BOILER OPERATION). This book has been designed to closely follow the best practice guides and recommendations laid out in BG01 and INDG436 however, it is the responsibility of the Owner/User on the site to ensure that all records are being recorded correctly. For this reason, on completion of a week’s records and operations log, a responsible person must countersign the weekly summary page along with the trained boiler operator.

The day per page layout of this log book has been designed for operation with a ‘Typical Arrangement ?2’ installation as listed in BG01. Arrangement ?2 is predominately the most common controls arrangement in the UK at present. Should your site still fall within the remit of an Arrangement ?1 installation (low integrity water level controls mounted in external chambers), more frequent testing of limiters is required. This will need to be recorded in the ROUTINE OPERATIONS COMPLETED section of the daily log.

ALL tests and records must be completed and recorded by a trained boiler operator. Untrained staff should not work in the boiler-house. For training information and quotations please contact our Head Office in Havant.

Price: £75 inc VAT and P&P direct from SAACKE Spares dept. Please contact SAACKE on: 02392 333900 to enquire. 


SAACKE Logbook 2

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