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The CEA proudly organises and holds conferences and seminars to cover various aspects of combustion engineering.
We run roadshows and workshops on new standards or technology affecting our industry and also hold trade exhibitions of industry products and services.

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Steam Boiler Water Treatment Course
1st April 2020 8:00 am -

"This was the second CEA event I have attended (How to Make Your Steam Work for You 2019 & Technical Boiler House Risk Assessment 2015) and once again the CEA has delivered a superb two day package. There were 14 sessions delivered over a two day period, with each of the sessions referenced to both statutory requirements and the ever expanding BG series of documents produced by the CEA (a must read set of documents). The sessions were delivered by authorities in their respective topics, and were highly interactive. Each delegate was provided with a full set of delegate notes plus copies of all of the existing BG documents – a pack of information that if individually purchased would cost almost as much the delegate attendance fee. The event was strongly supported by the industrial partners and members of the CEA, who all had stands and expert staff on hand. The above, coupled with an informal drinks reception, combined with an excellent venue, made this without a doubt the best two days of mechanical training I have attended in recent years. "

Serco UK & Europe – Head of Authorising Engineering Policy & Compliance

"Selected members of my team and I were fortunate enough to attend the CEA Conference held in Elgin, September 2019. Quite simply it was one of the most informative engineering seminars I have attended in recent years. The level of expertise and knowledge-sharing was exceptional, and each element delivered by the country's foremost experts. The legislative guidance was often supplemented by best practice case studies which underpinned the context and brought the requirements to life. The sessions were certainly value-add and have fostered an on-going relationship between Malt Distilling, the CEA and associated team. Thank you, CEA, for putting together such a fantastic event and for the ongoing support we enjoy from the CEA. Gary Callow CEng MIET Asset Care Manager - Malt Distilling Diageo"

Gary Callow – Malt Distilling Diageo

"Following BOAS Training, I have since attended the Technical Boiler House Risk Assessment conference which has been very useful in giving me the tools to enable implementing my own technical Risk Assessments. The CEA are always on hand for advice and networking in other areas, on the recommendation of David Kilpatrick I have since started my team on an industrial gas qualification I-GAS, which is going well so far. As a customer I have found the whole experience excellent and would most definitely recommend the CEA. Well done. "

Dean Sheldrake, Superintendent Utility & Estate Services – Ford Motor Company Limited

"The Combustion Engineering Association Conference and workshop programme allows you to absorb legislation and your responsibilities with a group of likeminded people and together improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject. All the speakers know their subject and you get the chance to interact with them and get advice in plain English. The sessions are practicable and relevant with a chance to interact with others operating steam equipment where you can also share your experiences."

Keith Hawkins, Eng Tech MSOE MIPlantE

"The Tankersley Manor BG04 course was attended by myself and two of my team. The whole event from start to finish was well organised and well presented with very knowledgeable people delivering the course content. Having spent over 40 years working in site services provision I found the course very informative. I would highly recommend this course to anyone even with several years of experience such as myself."

Kevin Manning, Site Engineering Services Manager Dip BOM

"“The Steam Boiler Water Testing Course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective and the CEA has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it in line with BG04. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the training provider. The format gave me the confidence to implement new testing techniques and to understand the importance of water treatment as an engineer and not as a chemist. A must for all boiler Operators/Managers.” "

Steve Bagnall, Dip.BOM Estates Manager

"I contacted the CEA for advice on training after the completion of our new boiler house in 2015 on the recommendation of the boiler manufacturer. I was contacted by David Kilpatrick who recommended the BOAS accreditation for Managers, Supervisors, & Operators, which we completed. I found the course very informative giving us an excellent understanding of BG01, with the benefit of having it delivered on our own premises. My team have all given positive feedback on what they received. The CEA is always on hand for advice and networking in other areas, on the recommendation of David Kilpatrick I have since started my team on an industrial gas qualification I-GAS, which is going well so far. Read Full Testimonial"

Dean Sheldrake, Superintendent Utility & Estate Services – Ford Motor Company Limited

"I have found individual membership beneficial to myself along with BOAS accreditation. BOAS accreditation was an important part of professionally proving my competence to operate and look after steam plant. I found that maintaining membership was useful in assisting to keep me up to date with changes as they happened around the steam industry. Membership also gives you the chance to get involved with the C.E.A. and help to make a difference. Their work on the Boiler Operator Accreditation, Boiler Feed Water (BG04) and Industrial Gas Accreditation Scheme (I-GAS) which needed members to get together and write and set up the system and documents. This needs input from experts in their respective fields as well as some input from the intended recipients. If we put nothing in ourselves to CEA we will get nothing out, so attending and taking part will help you, others and the C.E.A."

Keith Hawkins, Eng Tech MSOE MIPlantE